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    Did you bench bleed the master cylinder before installing? I've run into the same sort of problem before, where the pedal wasn't as hard as it should be after changing the master cylinder, even after pressure bleeding with quarts of fluid. Bench bleeding the master cylinder fixed the problem - I think there was a bubble stuck in the master cylinder that the normal piston travel just wouldn't dislodge.


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      Yes, it was bench bled after installed on the booster, before the lines were hooked up.


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        Originally posted by fronton View Post
        I had to take the piston back out and rebuild AGAIN when I realized that I hadn't lined up the notch in the bottom of the piston with the caliper's cavern to it. I believe that was my problem with the sticking calipers but haven't gotten to test drive yet. I will report back tonight on the new pads and correctly rebuilt calipers but not being able to maintain a hard pedal was not one of my symptoms.
        Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? I rebuilt my front calipers but didn't line up any notches with the fluid passage in the calipers. My brakes have a lot of travel and are pretty soft even after bleeding 10+ times. Did this end up fixing your brake issues?