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Where to get the 36mm socket and valve adjust tool?

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  • Where to get the 36mm socket and valve adjust tool?

    Where is the best place to get the 36 mm socket to turn the crank by hand when doing a valve job? also where is the best place to get the valve depressor tool?. i have also heard you can rent a full shim kit from somwhere and only get charged for the ones you use, anyone heard of this?

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    32mm i believe


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      It is 36.


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        It is 36mm, and you should be able to get one at Sears for about $8, at least that's what I paid.
        I'm not sure about shim kit rental.
        It doesn't take long to get them from the dealer if you just measure the ones you will need. I measured mine, ordered from the dealer the next morning, and had the shims the next day by lunch. So the car was down 1 full day for shims (never mind that I was totally rebuilding the motor, so it took just a little longer than one day)


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          as far as i know you can order it all from BMW its what i have to do cause nobody around here has one
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            Koala Motorsport rents the tool and shim kit. I've never done it but the deal sounds reasonable.
            Find "Tool Sales & Rental" in the left nav.