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Race footage of Gruppe H. M3 Around Nurburgring

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  • Race footage of Gruppe H. M3 Around Nurburgring

    This is in-car video footage of Dolate Motorsport BMW M3 Gruppe H. This may be a repost but I thought it was pretty cool. I love how it outhandles the e36 m3 and gives the Skyline a run for its money. Sorry I could only get this link to work.
    Click on the image at the top right for Artur Deutgen 6.Apr 02

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    File not found :(


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      Try this link...



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        Thanks for posting that link but there is a much better quality one on the website in the videos section. I tried link it by copying and pasting the properties of teh hyperlink but the website won't let me.


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          cool site, checkout the gixxer 750 powered shifter kart, insane. I believe a 125cc shifter is usually around 45hp. the 750 motor makes somehting like 115hp?

          the E30 absolutely gets raped on the long stretches, but seeing him finally take the e36 is cool.


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            They now want you to buy the videos.
            I have the M3, the mini, and the Se7en on CD but since changing PCs , have been unable to view them.