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    So I took my head in to a local machine shop and they said it is warped six-thousandths down the center. The exhaust valves have leaks as well. Who should I send it in to to get fixed? Also I was thinking of having some head work done as well while it is off. I am planning on staying with a 2.3 but the future mods include the whole a/n, c/f airbox and throttle body setup. With this in mind what should I have done to the head? I was thinking of sending it in and having what ADA///M had done to his head but Pete McHenry told me he isn't taking in any new work until September. What would you guys recommend me to do? I would also like to add that this is a street car which is used for everyday driving. Almost 100k on the clock.
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    There is Apex, McHenry, Race Tep, Korman, SBI, Ron///Man, Don Fields...


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      Have the head skimmed, and ported to match the EVOIII intake blocks. This will raise your compression a little, so if cams are in order you will want to go ahead and do measurements while it is off. Valve seals, seats also. I had my head ported, polished, and 5 angle seats performed locally for $500.