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D-mod M3 for sale

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  • D-mod M3 for sale

    I recognized it from the pictures up on Gustave's site. Fucking sweet car, spec'd together very well.

    Any takers?

  • #2
    He wants 55,000, how much do you think he put in it? that times 3 or 4?


    • #3
      Correct me if I`m wrong.

      Can`t you buy an ex DTM car for that price ?


      • #4
        I dont know for sure, but on paper this car looks to be as capable. Its also probably in better condition to what you could otherwise find.

        Whatever youll take it as, Im not selling it. Looked badass to me. If it were about 5-10k cheaper I would be tempted to make a really irresponsible purchase.

        It should be legal in SCCA GT-2, and BMWCCA D-mod. One could run it in touring or unlimited (tires dependent) 3 Open Track Challenge and absolutely maul the competition. Any other race series where it could be competetive?


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          while it looks like a very nice car and I know a few things about
          it, Id reserve any comparison to all out DTM cars, especially
          of the later years.
          Its not a fair comparison anyway as DTM cars were on
          a different budget and rebuilt their engines for
          every race.