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oil pump shims... and warning.

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  • oil pump shims... and warning.

    I've been worried about my upper oil pan bolt torque so I pulled the pan...
    The interior bolts were slightly more than finger tight so If you haven't dropped the oil pan lately, or you just bought the car... go in and retorque the little buggers ASAP.

    Second, the oil pump chain is pretty loose so I ordered some shims.

    How much slack is allowable in the oil pump chain?
    Mine growls just as the engine is about to stop, judging by how loose it appears.

    Thirdly. How tall do you want the oil pan baffle extension?


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    Good point!

    I remember my upper oil pan letting the engine pee on me. I'd also check the acorn bolts on the throttle bodies and valve cover. The engine really (SSL) shakes shit loose!


    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      I recently made and fitted a raised baffle plate, but stupidly didn't take measurements.
      I printed out pictures of the Turner one and the other one with the very high sides. I cut it out too big and then kept trial fitting it until the cutout around the oil pump was enough.

      I think off the top of my head, make it as high as the horizontal bit is wide. In other words a simple folded plate bolted on top of the the original one.
      Scottish Cecotto


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        Not sure if this is what you are after. This is my Turner Motorsport Sump baffle with some measurements.


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          Re: oil pump shims... and warning.

          Originally posted by Mmark
          How much slack is allowable in the oil pump chain?
          Get as many shims in there as possible. Too tight is when you can't get the gear back on, or when you do and the chain is tight without any free play. You want to find tight, and then remove one thin shim. That's the best you can do. Anything less would be uncivilized.

          Jake Larsen


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            Cheers guys.
            I had some 25mm by 25mm "L" shaped ally scrap laying around, so I used that to extend the stock baffle.. I support the vendors for the BMW spec pieces but could not see coughing up 75.00 for the baffle when one could be made in less than 5 min.
            The car will sit until I get the shims for the pump. I should buy a chain. It is awfully loose.
            I found a 1/8" to 3/16" allowable droop spec for the oil pump chain.

            That little rubber flap valve in the baffle is US$ 21 at the dealer
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