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///M stripe Valve Cover

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  • ///M stripe Valve Cover

    What do you think about this?:idea: :huh:[/img]]
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    Sorry not my cup of tea. Might look better in a Matt or with the paint with the bits in to give the same finish as the original paint. It just looks a bit to fake.


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      It looks ok, not great but ok. Maybe a sharper seperation of colors would have helped. The light blue to dark blue looks ok, but in the pictures the blue to red looks ehh. There is some bleeding causing a purple.

      Might look better when you shave the paint off the letters and trim.


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        How about now? But I am doing it back to black

        ANYone knows where I can get the same color paint as the real M stripe colors? I bought over 10 cans of spray paint but I can't get the right color... I have to use the heat paint and they don't have that many colors. Please help I am going crazy trying to do this cover. I didn't drive my car for over 1 month.
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          Colors look OK to me and I like the valve cover paint job. You should have masked off the spark plug holes too. I'd remove the paint on the oval shapes around plug holes and in them.

          I really like it.

          Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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            Regular automotive paint works for this, it is made to hold up to high heat. I had mine coated in a Honda red color with a clear coat and it has held up really well.


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              I think it looks pretty good now. I prefer black over anything, but that's just me. For instance I don't like the EVOII look either, but since you obviously like the M-Sport stripes, then that looks great. Much better now that you've taken it off the letters and fins!