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Clutch Life?

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  • Clutch Life?

    I've not seen many threads on clutches ever, what sort of mileage have people got out of their clutch before it gave up?

    I was thinking of having the gearbox rebuilt when mine eventally dies and just wondered when that might be?

    I was expecting about 80k but it's on 100k and still no slipping yet.

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    Mine is original - 135k miles. It was in great shape right up until I broke my shift linkage and had to drive the car in 4th gear for about 15miles with 4 or 5 stops. Since then, it hasn't been quite as smooth, so I think I may have burned it up significantly.

    You're right though, for the most part I don't hear about people changing their clutches, I think they're pretty long lasting as long as you drive properly and don't have crazy horsepower running through them.


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      When i took my engine apart it had the OE clutch disc in it. 144K on it. still had 2.5 mm before the wear bar. I could of reused it. My deal is I rebuild my motor ever 125k, new clutch. I wouldnt fo the tranny unless it is not in good shape. Matt

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        I replaced my clutch 3 years ago becuase the fingers that contact the throw out bearing broke on about 7 out of 30. The kept the cluch slighly engaged at all times, so you could not shift out of gear if the car wasn't moving. the actual disc had plenty of life left on it as well as the flywheel.

        I put a sport clucth in then and have been fairly hard on it (one big big burn out, and maybe 1/2 dozen drag races, but mostly hard auto-x upshifts and downshifts) and the thing seams to be holding up just fine.

        INMO most parts for this car of overbuilt

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          I just swapped mine out at 130k miles....Original with some life left too it.

          Gotta love these cars....funyn how e36 m3 clutches rarely last more than 40-50k from the people i know.


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            I got my car with 100k, and at about 150k, I replaced the clutch. I thought it had already been replaced before, but when I took it out, it had an 88 stamp on it. The damn thing was original. The disc was actually still in really good shape and had plenty of life left. It was only the throwout bearing that fell apart.


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              For those of you that have replaced the clutch, how much did it cost (OEM clutch + labor)?

              On a different note, I just got some quotes on labor (not parts) and wanted to see if it seems right:

              Installing schrick 284/276 cams: $1000
              -dialing them in, changing to EVO III valve springs, replacing valve seals, etc.

              Installing lightweight flywheel: $400
              -I probably will wait to do this when I have to change the clutch.