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  • Another BBK'd M3

    Figured to share some photos of my new BBK I just installed. Purchased from Zeckhausen and David was very friendly and helpfull aswering my questions..great service. I know I paid more than other BBK's out there but I wanted something very good and good looking to match my car. I couldn't find anything that I really like the look of the brake caliper other than this StopTech Throphy Series which is lighter, stronger and has natural anodizing vs the regular StopTech brake calipers.

    Some random photos at the ///M day track experience testing the brakes...:jakeguita

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    Looks great, and a surprisingly simple install..

    Weight difference compared to oem? Cost?

    SS lines for rear?

    Dot# brake fluid used?
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      Awesome! How's the performance, everything you expected?
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        Looks great! And right at home with the other ///M's...

        Inquiring minds want to know the scoop! How'd they perform, pads, price, source... I've only used StopTech once on an MKV R32, they work well but couldn't tell the difference from a Brembo or AP for the price.


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          Did you upgrade front only? I originally did only fronts on my car with the massive kit and the balance was a challenge. Once I upgraded the rears, the complete system was awesome. Interested to hear your experience. Looks great BTW!
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            Thanks guys.

            I upgraded the front only because StopTech only offer a front kit, they say is well balanced the brake system in the M3 that is not needed a rear kit, however to me is kind of BS so I'm looking to buy separate the rear Throphy calipers and make a custom BBK for the back. I didn't have the chance to test track the brakes yet and I was still in break in procedure...but so far it's a great upgrade in braking...feel totally different from the OEM setup, with absolutly more bite and stopping power.

            I need to get the system "to the limits" to see how do they perform and I will report later.

            The STR-40 caliper is about 6.5 pounds acording to Zeckhausen ( I didn't weight them nor the OEM to make a comparisson...guess I was bit excited to install them quick )

            The STR-40 is 20% lighter over the regular StopTech brake caliper. Also, the piston combo are 32/36mm

            I'm using StopTech strret performance compound.

            Brake fluid is MOC DOT 4 with minimum wet boiling point of 311F (nothing fancy I guess)

            I'm still using OEM rear brake caliper hose as opossed to front braided lines that came in the kit and didn't remove the rear brake restrictor "in line" yet.

            One greta thing is that I kept the rotor shield in place, just needed some slight small cut in the edge and re trim the plate to make some room against the rotor.

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