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Center bearing problems

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  • Center bearing problems

    Hey gang, I just got my car back together, yet I still have many minor issues. The main problem is that the driveshaft center bearing I have does not fit where I took the old one out. It seems like the hole are about 1 inch too close together on the new bearing??? The bearing is the right bearing according to several sources. I rigged it up there with new holes and fender washers but thats only temporary. Anyone have a suggestion or had this problem before??? Thanks In Advance, Matt

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    There are two variations to the center bearing.

    26 11 2 225 620 = up to 09/87
    26 12 1 226 723 = from 09/87

    If you used your VIN to check it's production date, it could be that it's just too close to the change over and why you were assured but got the wrong part. The newer shell is different (the tunnel is different). Or, there's always the distant possibility that someone swapped VIN's and now the one you have is incorrect for the shell.

    Either way, order the other bearing and you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps,
    Jake Larsen


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      Oh man, I had this problem for a while. I have a car with an early build date and the corresponding CSB wasn't anywhere in the country. I finally got one in from Germany, but it was a royal headache.

      But yeah, Jake gave you the correct part number so you should be set.
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