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205/5015 Azenis with stock suspension?

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  • 205/5015 Azenis with stock suspension?

    Anyone running this slightly odd tire size with a stock suspension?

    I am considering it but am a little concerned that the shorter overall diameter will:

    a) look goofy due to the nearly extra 0.5" gap between fender and tire
    b) be too much tire for the stock suspension
    c) be giving up grip to other street tires in a 225 size

    Tire appears to be great performance at a great price. Downside is the odd size. Slightly shorter tire (23.1" vs. 23.9") will help gearing, but maybe require a 2-3 upshift on occassion on a fast autocross course - maybe is too short? Of course, the car gets lowered by a half an inch too.

    Basically trying to choose between this highly affordable tire in an odd size vs. much more expensive street tires in the 225/50 15 sizes. I want to stay with street tires so R's are off the list.
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    I'm running Yoko ES100's in 205/50 on stock suspension. Yea, it looked odd when I first mounted them, but I'm over it now. I would like to drop the car at least an inch, and that would really help things out. That said, I'll be going to 225's the next time I buy tires. I can't compare the traction factor because the tires I had before were crap... I can tell you that I can break the tail loose in sharp corners with the go-pedal, but who can't?

    I love the Azenis though Great AutoX tire - drove a 325is with them.


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      It should work fine..and the 205 Azenis runs very WIDE. They are wider than 225/50/15 KDs for example.

      You'll get lots of inside front wheel lift! The lift shown in the other thread is not too extreme considering the car is cornering at well over 1 g.

      Back when they were new, many bone stock M3s were autocrossed wearing Yokohama r-compound tire (hot at the time) and they'd lift a corner a few inches and keep it there for much of a hard turn.



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        i run these tires, no grip is lost to almost any 225 street tire, but i can comment on looks as my car is pretty low. But acceleration is much better since the car has a better gearing with the smaller overall diamiter.
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