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differnences in the m3 between the years?

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  • differnences in the m3 between the years?

    hey everyone,

    my first post and welcome to myself
    current i have a 1990 325is lowered with racing dynamic springs and riding on 17x7 0Z Superleggras

    but engough about myself.

    i have a question.

    i am currently in the m3 market, and seeking out a lasch silver 1988 m3 with 140,000 kms, its completely stock.

    i was just wondering what are the differences in the options and features the m3 had in every year they were in production.

    if you can help me out.

    thanks alot


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    I don't have my book with the specifics with me, but from what I remember, starting with 1990 model year (and around 9/89 production) got offset control arm bushings, the later 90s cars got a drivers airbag. Later in the 1988 model year got sealed beam headlights.
    That's all I can remember
    "It is needless to say that self-propelling vehicles, like other machines, will never do as much for one who does not understand them as for one who does."


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      Welcome Cam,
      I'd strongly suggest having a mechanic who knows E30 M3's do a pre inspection on the car. I'm sure you're familiar with the platform, having owned a 325is, but there are a lot of subtle things to look out for on the M3 that only those who know the cars well will pick up.

      What else can you tell us about the car? Do you have a service history?

      Here's some useful information, use the dropdown list on the right for mre info.

      Some more tech specs here.

      Good luck!


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        88-89 had the u.s. ellipsoid headlights, 90-91 had sealed beams,

        90-91 has airbag steering wheel and check panel, along with (from what ive seen) no plugs in the door panels for manual windows.

        88-89 had the rear windows that could fold out..

        all very trivial stuff....hope that helps.

        i think some cars had heated seats too. mine doesnt though. :sosad:
        1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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          thanks for all the info guys.

          i'm actually a second year automotive tech, planning on moving to abmw dealer this summer. i'm very common with e30's as this is my second one, and i do all the repairs on it by myself, and a couple of 5er's and 7ers come into the shop too.

          i was just wondering if there is any specfic problem areas i should look on teh m3 for damage?

          the places i know of

          -rust under windshield
          -rear swaybar mounts (cracks under heavy track use)
          -front subframe (cracks under heavy track use)

          anything else???

          apearently this vehicle has never been tracked. so i'm hoping its a good one.

          thanks alot