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    Hello all...I have been lurking and reading here for a few weeks and I finally got my e30 m3.

    I began the voyage on sunday at 4am to go check out a car in MD. It was listed on autotrader and the owner said it was in
    great shape. Price was really low, $7000,with out 113k miles. So I drive 9 hours to get there and the car is a pile. Runs
    in the repaint, no cruise, no AC, no wipers, check lights on, odomerter not working all the time, and the and engine had a
    nice coat of oil as well as pools of oil on the motor mounts...looked like it was leaking on the steering rack as well.
    So I left there disapointed and feeling like I wasted my entire day.

    I know of one in ohio being sold by 02 guy that I have delt with before.
    Called him up...checked out the car and brought it home.

    It is a Diamond Schwartz(sp) 89 with 162k miles on it. Runs very strong and smooth.
    This is the third car I looked at and the other two were loud when started cold.
    The car I bought had been sitting for about a week and started up very quiet.
    Interior is just about mint along with the rear head rests.

    The car is pretty much stock other than the M sport steering wheel, UCC SSK, and oil pan baffle.

    As a bonus I got a set of 16" alpinas and the full factory repair manual.

    A couple things that need to be fixed...nothing that is a big deal tho. OBC and a few other dash lights and the AC compressor
    doesn't seem to be coming on.

    I have found out how to swap the OBC backlight but was wondering what should be lighted on the heater controls. The
    temp control has a light but the fan control and sliders are not lite. Should they be?

    Any ideas on what might be going on with the AC.

    Here are a few pictures from the PO...kinda high res

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    rear headrests?



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      Congrats on the new "Baby"


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        Nice car, well done.

        The lights for the fan should be lit, all the instruments that have a bit of white should be lit including power window buttons. My light for the temp went the other day so I changed it, everything fine, then two days later the fan speed light goes!!


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          Welcome! Nice car.

          /// M3NTAL Kev


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            Is there a walk through somewhere to replace the other lights...other than the OBC backlight?



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              Originally posted by ADA///M
              rear headrests?

              We're all diseased. That's the first thing I noticed too - anything different and we're on it like flies to a pig.

              Nice snag. I'm biased towards the Diamond Black though


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                Nice car. Welcome.


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                  GLad you're here!

                  Welcome J.

                  Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                    HI Jake! Welcome!! You're in good company here buddy.

                    Jake Larsen


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                      Welcome to the board!