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alternator crooked

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  • alternator crooked

    On my new car I notice that the alternator seems to be a bit crooked and the belt is not stright. It looks like there is a bad bushing where it mounts to the adjustment bracket.

    I noticed this same thing on another e30 m3 that I checked not sure if it is suposed to be this way. Doesn't look like it should tho...

    Can I just replace that bushing? dealer item or....

    I need to order a OBC backlight so I might see if I need other things from the dealer.


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    with the car off, grab the alt. and try and move it. If it moves, you need new bushings. Long, tedious job too. Lots of people use Poly replacements. These wear out often on "higher" mileage cars.
    Chris L.

    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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      Mine had the same issue, changed bushings, bottom and top alternator brackets. In time, the vibration causes the screw to eat away the metal piece of the brackets.