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Wich clutch for grA gearbox?

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  • Wich clutch for grA gearbox?

    if I wanted to mount a change in gr, I also need a reinforced clutch or ptrei keep the original?

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    Well if its a Getrag 265 based Grp A box it will work with a off the shelft bone stock clutch.
    It retains the same 10 spline input shaft.

    Mine was a BTCC spec and it came with a 215mm AP single disk clutch with a 6 paddle sintered clutch disc.
    That is what is shown as the "standard" clutch in the Grp A manual.
    My car had a stock type lightweight flywheel which M machined to accept the AP race clutch.
    There are some dimensions in the Grp A operations manual for the clutch.

    To answer your question though,,, if you were to take out a 265 CR trans, the Grp A trans should swap straight in. No need to ever even remove the bell housing.
    jimmy p.
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      Hi You can use your original clutch