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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their support. For the first time in over 12 years I am BMW free. It was a long and rocky relationship with its ups and downs. I sold my E30 M3 yesterday to a great local buyer. I am sure that he will take care of the car and help it reach its full potential. I really enjoyed sprucing it up with Sport Evolution parts, giving it a good shine, replacing worn out bulbs and switches, and all and all being a humble steward of such a fantastic car. It was really great to own a piece of motoring history for the past three years. You may think I am crazy, but I only drove the car less than 2000 miles. The car had me in a spell for years...the thought of having a true to life race car in my garage was exhilarating. However, the mechanicals of the car just scare the shit out of me. Well maintained, I am sure the s14 is a robust motor. But like any BMW, it needs constant vigilance and slow IV drips of dollar dollar bills. If I were handy and mechanically inclined, I would love to have kept the car. But alas, it is time to move on.

    I came across a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a parcel of land in the North Berkeley Hills near the UC Berkeley Campus where I went to college many moons ago. Those familiar with the area would undoubtedly be rendered breathless by the panoramic view from Mt Tam to the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz to the SF Skyline to the new Bay Bridge. If you guys think an E30 M3 is an expensive hobby, try building houses. Due to rising maintenance costs and change in direction in life, it was time to say goodbye and open a new chapter in my life.

    To all the members that have helped me out, thank you. I am in awe with your near obsessive dedication to every single detail E30 M3. I could never come close to your expertise and loyalty to our special little car. I sold the car fully understanding that I will probably never get another car as clean as mine for the price I sold it for. However, the sacrifice is worth it. It gives me comfort to know I sold to a CCA member and BMW fanatic who already had two BMWs--both of which were manual transmissions. My kind of guy!

    If any of you guys ever "grow up" like me, I highly suggest a Toyota Camry Hybrid LE. I average 47 mpg on regular gas, which far exceeds the EPA ratings. I have caught the hybrid bug. Part of me just got worn out spending money on 91 test at 21 mpg and paying for repairs. Maybe I will be back, maybe not, but I do have a hard on for a 2011-2012 Porsche 911 GTS Coupe. This car thing is a hard habit to break, but I believe in harm reduction principles and cars are an adequate substitute for a nasty meth habit. In a lot of ways the GTS has similar characteristics to an E30 M3, mostly in the fact that it has a hot engine with a giant intake plenum and revs to the moon. Of course I hope to buy a CPO example so I don't have to wonder what happens when the music stops....

    Please take care everyone. You will be my brothers forever.

    [email protected]

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    We wish you luck. Though at some point you will be back ;p


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      Good luck, but ew.... hybrid?..... C'MOOOOOON!!!! I guess you're from Berkley so I can't FULLY blame you....


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        Seems to me that an old Berkeley hippie should be running a 1980s VW diesel converted to run on used french fry grease. :^)

        Glad to have had you in the fold, buddy. Best of luck on your new endeavors and always keep us and the M3 in the back of your mind.
        Alles Beste!

        B. Wheaton
        1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
        2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse

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          Fat_louis you don't know me but I enjoyed a lot of your comments. Good luck with your new endeavor and I'm sure you'll be back in some excessively fun carbon burning machine.
          There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...


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            To ditto the well wishes of others...good luck with everything "especially" building something in CA! I've been in the consulting/land development business most of my career, and I can tell you that it's absolutely INSANE getting permits these days, and it "has" to be the absolute WORST case scenario in CA! I hope you survive! You might need another E30 M3 for "stress relief"! :-)



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              Originally posted by njboy View Post
              Fat_louis you don't know me but I enjoyed a lot of your comments. Good luck with your new endeavor and I'm sure you'll be back in some excessively fun carbon burning machine.
              Technically he still has a carbon burning machine lol


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                Good luck!


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                  Best of luck mate. I went to Cal too, albeit not many moons ago. You got yourself a beautiful piece of land. Build a beautiful place you can call home.
                  The God's chariot... (OO==[][]==OO)


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                    Louis, when you say that you M3 had you under a spell, I know exactly what you mean. I sold my M3 because like you I was not using it and I had lost the use of a garage to keep it in and with it stuck outside in all weathers (with cover), I knew it would not last. I sold it on a whim, to see what interest there was. I sold it within 2hrs, for the money I wanted. At the time, the market was and probably still full of profiteers and owners are aware of most of the cars out there. I am still interested in how and where the car ends up, it was sold on 3 more time within a couple of months....will I be back - I hope so, when I have more time and a little more money.
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                      Wow fuel in the USA is cheap try $1:80 a litre in Australia for premium unleaded


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                        I've been married since the 3rd grade, and although she has hung in there since I bought my Bucket of Bolts back on Valentine's Day of 1996, slogged thru 3 engines, and a full restoration and GC coilovers, BBS RS's, etc., etc.,.... my wife will leap for joy the day that "4DAFUN" is sold. She's actually thinking of burying me in it. (I already am!) To this day, she will never accompany me to ANY car related event. All of the In-Laws have absolutely hated the car since the day I bought it. To them, it's way too much of an expensive, unnessessary, self-centered, selfish indulgence. They will leap for joy as well, if it is ever sold.
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                        Eric Adams
                        Portland, Oregon