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s-14 into e30 318is strange power steering issue - need help

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  • s-14 into e30 318is strange power steering issue - need help

    The swap is done all I have left is to recharge the AC and get the power steering sorted out which has me baffled and I could use some help.

    The PS pump, hoses and reservoir are from an e30m3 the rack is from the 318is

    Everything went together fine and when I started the engine I got some whining noise from the pump and no power steering.

    I tried jacking the front end of the car up and bleeding the air out of the system by turning the steering lock to lock.
    The noise stopped but I got zero power assist on the steering.
    Thinking I blew the pump I replaced it with a used one - same thing.

    The rack was fine before, and moves freely no binding. There are no leaks.
    It's not making any noise - but still no power steering.

    What the heck is going on here ???

    As soon as i get everything tidied up I'll post pictures of the project.

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    Is the belt aligned properly on the pulley? You might need an S14 p/s pulley if not.


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      With everything connected up and the engine idling and without moving the steering wheel
      can you check if theres power steering fluid circulating in the reservoir?