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3.73 rear end?

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  • 3.73 rear end?

    I just put in a 3.73 rear end in my 325ic (which is for sale by the way if any one is interesed) and I really love how the car drive's and feel's out on the highway now. It seems to have made a dramatic difference and I was wondering if anyone had put one of these in the M3 and if so how is it. I know up around 80 my car is turning 4 grand and just feels to be breathing a little heavy. Plus The gas milage would be a nice bonus with prices the way they are now even though I don't drive the M3 that much.

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    3.64 & 3.73 LSDs are a fairly common upgrade with the close ratio gear box. I think they're fine for the street.

    Jake Larsen


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      3.73 is a downgrade (is that a word?) for an M3 without the CR box. Yes fuel economy might improve slightly, but you will notice a significant decrease in performance.


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        10% less wheel torque in every gear compared to the USA OEM 4.10.


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          I new it would affect my overall performance a little but it sure would be nice on the highway's. 10% is high I didn't thnk it would be quite that significant. Maybe I will stick with the 4.10 after all.


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            I run a 3.73 in my track car with a CR box. Goes great, but would agree with you sticking with 4.10 in your US spec road car
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