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What do you think about this M3 ?????

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  • What do you think about this M3 ?????

    What do you think about this M3?? This car is for sale.I think its nice prepared for racing.

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    They had a Warsteiner on eBay about 4 months ago
    for 14-18k i think
    Its a nice car
    :mario:My name is Adam


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      BTCC M3

      Originally posted by ROB89M3
      Rudi, you must buy a REAL dtm M3 ! This car looks good, but it is nothing special !

      I would buy a BTCC,DTM, E30 M3. I wonder where all those cars are stored and who owns them ? I would really love to own Will Hoy's BTCC
      E30 M3, since Will Hoy has passed away....That car is worth a lot now !

      He Rob,
      do you know where is the BTCC M3 ??????


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        The article of Ron Checcas DTM M3 is very nice. Thank you for this link Rob.


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          its nice , but the rims gat to goooo


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            A Warsteiner on eBay? How did I miss that?

            Rudi, that car is nice, but yours is better. It just has a certain "savoir faire".


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              BTCC car here in the Northeast!!!!!!!!!

              Alot of these cars are owned by private people. I think these cars are
              located in ENGLAND, and JAPAN as well as Germany.
              Ron Checca found his DTM car in Italy.

              Jimmy P has a BTCC car that Steve Soper and I think Mark adams drove in 1990.

              He is currently getting the car in shape like he likes it so it will beawhile before he brings it out! Going to try and recreate the BMW Finance livery of the 1991 season. It was actually the team sper for two seasons so it is really pretty fresh as a full comp car goes.



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                Originally posted by Oddjob
                A Warsteiner on eBay? How did I miss that?

                Rudi, that car is nice, but yours is better. It just has a certain "savoir faire".
                Thank you for the complement.This year I dont have time to make any modifications at my car, but I want to make a lot of new thinks next year


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                  So is there any more info on where any of the Vic Lee built ' Listerine ' cars are now ?
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                    those ex DTM cars are not street legal. Some people just build the replicas to drive on the street and take it to the track days.
                    The real deal (ex DTM or BTCC cars) are very expensive toys, unless you are a collector or pure racer.
                    I am building the replica as well (with extensive mods), it will be ready very soon and it will be street legal!

                    and finally the teaser pic


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                      Very true . I was more interested to know about the Vic Lee built cars , as they seem to have disappeared.
                      This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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                        that car looks great!!


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                          Ex-DTM or BTCC cars show up for sale from time to time. But if you guys think that a 200HP 2.3 litre motor is stressed, what about a 320HP 2.3 (early DTM) or 300HP 2 litre motors (late BTCC)? Those cars are widely available thru specialized networks, but they are costly to buy... and to maintain. Which is why Ron almost never drove his ex-ETCC car. Ex-DTM cars from unknwon teams or drivers are available for 40K/50K Euros.

                          Those seriously prepared cars are a beauty for those who are into racecars, but for most of us (especially those who drive beat up Hondas), they are out of our budget. A motor with a 2 hour lifespan is not for me...

                          Nonetheless if you go to you will find those cars.
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                            Vlad, car looks great. Please show more pics!!