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  • Lets talk handling...

    I'm looking to find the most logical step for me to head towards interms of imporving my cars over all handling. I've already done all the sway bars and bushings so I'm really dealing with my shocks and springs at this point? I'm running konis with eibach sport springs and they the springs feel way too soft. After a search, it sounds like I should upgrade to IE stage 3 springs or TMS Jstock springs.

    My question to you is, what would you do? and is there another handling aspect that I'm completly ignoring? and will a new set of "Jstock/race" springs make that big of a difference?

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    my personal preference would be to stay away from the jstock springs if you're car is only on the street.

    They are really stiff.

    I'd go with some H&R race or IE stage 3 springs. I have Eibach Comps now and I'll never sell them, I think they are absolutely perfect for the street. Too bad they're NLA

    Try the H&R race, it should be a good compromise between what you have now and the eibach sports. Those eibachs are soft, I had them briefly



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      I have the J-Stock springs. They're quite stiff and do get a bit "Jouncy" on the street. I imagine they'd get tiring for anything more than the ocasional Sunday drive.


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        Exactly. J Stocks are buckboard stiff and they'll make your dash bounce a little bit on normal roads.

        They really come into their own on the track though.


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          Got Camber?

          The most important thing is to get a whole system!

          Get some camber plates, and adjustable bushings in the rear, do you have the offset control arm bushings?

          You can always go with some Coil overs! They offer the most adjustment.

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            What does everyone think about the 1.2/1.2in drop H&R sport springs by Turner. Does anyone know about these springs because I have not seen them anywhere else. Every other place that sells H&R sport springs have the 1/.75 drop.

            If these special Turner H&Rs are lower, they would have to be stiffer. Personally I think this spring would be perfect for the steet as it has a nice drop but shouldn't be as stiff as a race spring. The only thing is I can't get any info on it.

            This is what I'm talking about
            "It is needless to say that self-propelling vehicles, like other machines, will never do as much for one who does not understand them as for one who does."


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              So in theory, "even though my car is more of a garage queen" the H and R race and IE stage 3 would be for the daily driver who doesnt mind the stiff ride and races on the weekend? and The jstock springs being offhands to someone who would venture downtown to the market. Sorry if I'm nitpicking, I just don't want to go from one extreme to the other and then have to buy a 3rd spring set.


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                I have to say the H&R sport sporings or H&R race ,are an excellent choice. The sports are still available thru a couple different vendors. Around $200.00 bucks. I've had both and prefer the sports for the daily driver.


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                  In my opinion the race is the way to go. The sports just seem low with no more real stiffness than stock springs. The race are a bit stiffer and I think it cracked my dash because of it, but when you through it into a turn the car wont lean at all. Otherwise go GC with koni sa's then you can have street springs and race springs.



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                    I think it would help if you define and understand your intended use of the vehicle. If you just want it to look better and a firmer ride is okay then the H&R race is nice and is quite streetable for hardcore types. The JS suspension is WAY stiffer and on real northeast type roads might even be slower. It would actually take quite a driver to outdo what can be done with a bonestock M3. That's why I think it's important to understand what you are trying to do. Unless you are competing the H&R race won't improve your cornering on the street for example. Some think that the H&Rs are a bit too tall in the front if you care about that.



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                      If your car sees mixed duty, it is only by chance that any spring set suggested by the group is what you like.

                      If the car was race only, then you obtain the winning combination and learn to use it.

                      Your best bet is to sample various cars with the various spring/damper combos.
                      One mans sport combo is mush to another.

                      Ask yourself:
                      1, why do I think the springs are too soft?
                      Is it because of percieved excess roll, handling imbalance, traction issue, tire wear pattern, peer pressure?

                      2, how much harshness and NVH can I and my passengers tolerate?

                      3, Can I keep the current set up yet improve my skills in order to extract more out of it?
                      (I've seen countless examples of showroom stock machines being faster than the same model with suspension mods at autoxess and track events).

                      I'm with EVOM3 and Stan on this.

                      Car sees dual duty, but it does not meet your standard of handling (or do you mean cornering ability?).

                      I would increase neg camber at the front and possibly reduce neg camber very slightly at the rear using camber kits as that would be a better compromise (imo) in a car that sees street duty and passengers. I would also bias the tracking spec(alignment) of the car towards a more track oriented set up, but keep in mind this has a negative impact on staightline stability.

                      To me, the lack of camber is the main failing. After that problem is solved then the next important aspect on handling that I think you are missing is the driver.
                      A good track driving school will probably show more immediate speed from you.

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                        Oh, and lets not forget about the MOST important thing.....

                        TIRES! You will always be limited by tire grip, get some nice S03's or some sticky Toyo RA-1's.

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