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  • Boston Area Service?

    I swear the whole mechanic relationship is tougher than marriage. Anyway, I'm looking for the a good wrench in the greater Boston area to handle my future needs as they arise.

    I'll do the basic stuff - brakes and oil changes - but when it comes to the more difficult items I'll need a good source.

    With past M cars, I've used Autobahn, EuroTech, and CBMW. CBMW was the best of them all, but NH is not exactly convenient. I live in Medfield, and work in Lexington, so something convenient would be nice.



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    try TMS but they are probably expensive
    Old School


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      VSR is the way to go, but unfortunately not convenient to Boston at all.

      There's a place in Arlington called The Benz Den. I had them do some work on my A/C system and they were good. The head mechanic there is really friendly and knowledgeable. I don't know how much experience they have with S14's but they certainly know E30's.

      If you do find a place that's good please post here, I'd like to know as well.


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        I just had Shine Racing in Walpole do a few minor things, and give the car a good going-over before my next driving school. I was not not very impressed, and don't think they see many s14s.

        Autobahn in Natick: they did some work on my e36 M3. Nice guys, but I got the feeling that they were better suited for newer models that were pretty stock. Also were quick to replace things like Clipers versus rebuilding them.

        I had a M635 euro that had a 3.8 stroker, GC coilovers, etc. A high maintenance beast. EuroTech (a Porsche shop) did the work on that. They build Porsche racecars and are great at suspension, safety, and most things. Not a lot of s14 experience, and not cheap.

        CBMW is great, but they are up in Conway NH, which is way up there. They really know their stuff, and will send down a trailer to pick up the car, and deliver it when they are done. It's just not convenient most of the time.

        What about Albright Mighty Motors in Somerville?

        Does VSR dp pick up or provide a loaner? I'd like to understand more about them.


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          I've been using Bavarian Motorsport in Lynn for the last couple of years. Contrary to what the name suggests they have little to do with M cars, they're just a general German cars repair shop.

          They're reasonably priced ($65 per hour?), have been around for years and are Bosch-certified.

          I try to use VSR whenever possible for my M3 but I do service my E34 with Bavarian and I've been servicing various VWAG products over the years with them.

          Another place to consider is Schneller but I have no personal experience with them

          Good luck


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            Originally posted by Chapin
            What about Albright Mighty Motors in Somerville?

            Does VSR dp pick up or provide a loaner? I'd like to understand more about them.
            I should check out Albright. I've heard the name thrown around but know nothing about them. I work in Somerville.

            VSR's in Bow, NH. It's run my Mario Langsten. His son Chris is a regular contributor to this forum.

            Mario's an oddity,.. a good, honest mechanic. I called him the first week I got my car wanting to do some odd job that in hind-sight made absolutely no sense. To be honest I don't even remember what it was. When he took the call he was patient enough to slow me down, have me take a deep breath, and explain to him where the car came from, it's maintenance history, what I wanted to do with the car. Then we came up with rational, long term plan. I don't think you'll find many mechanics that care enough to do that.

            I don't know if they offer loaners. I think I remember Mario mentioning something about one but I could be mistaken. He has offered to drop my car off to me in the past, but I don't think this is a regular thing for him. He just happened to be heading down my way at the time and made the offer.


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              We (VSR) do not have loaner cars. If there is a need for the car to remain with us for an extended period of time, we try to make it easiest for you in pick-up/drop off. Sometimes dropping the car off on a Friday and picking it up the following week works. We are very close the the Greyhound terminal and often bring/pick-up customers there. Sometimes there are multiple people coming from MA at the same time, so carpooling on the way back works out too.

              I am very often down in the Portsmouth/Durham/Seabrook NH area. There have been multiple occasions where I've met people to help facilitate their cars being "shuffled" back to Bow for service.

              There is always the potential for us to travel down with a trailer to pick-up a car as well. This however often depends mostly on scheduling and the ability to leave the shop long enough for the trip.

              Chris L.

              Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                That's good to hear. I'll give VSR a try next time I need some work done. Since the M is not my daily driver, I the flexibility with timing. Good to hear the feeback on you guys.

                Thanks - H


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                  Jim Albright over at Mighty Motors is a great guy. I've been taking my cars there for years but the problem is Jim's been ill and hasn't been around much so service there has been inconsistent and has depended a lot on who actually works on your car. Unless things turnaround over there, I won't be going back. Further, if you're looking for a shop to do performance work, they aren't it, not because Jim isn't capable (I don't know if he is or isn't) so much as because they just don't like to do that kind of work and everytime I've come up with a project, he's referred me to Rick at CBMW.

                  Rick just did a full refresh of my s38 and so far (still not broken in yet), I'm very pleased. While he took way longer than I had expected (perhaps my fault for not setting a good due date) and I was concerned we really didn't discuss all the details, he pretty much read my mind and took care of every concern that I hadn't even expressed. Hands down CBMW's the best experience I've had so far with a BMW shop, its just a shame he's so far from Boston....


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                    I know what you mean with CBMW. I think Rick builds a lot of the race engines for different shops on the eastern sea board. He does great work, and it does require a little leap of faith. He's good with all the race stuff as well as the typical repair items. I have found that you need to be willing to leave him the car for a while, and it helps to set deadlines and stay on top of it without being annoying. He picked up my M6 on a trailer, and delivered it back when it was done.

                    So, I guess NH is the BMW service capital of the east?