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    I have a hole in the fuel hose on the rear of the fuel rail, that feeds the injectors (PN 13 31 1 722 565). I can't find the remove replace procedure in the factory manual or the Koala CD. How long is this hose, and where does it go? Is it just regular fuel hose, or should I get the part from the dealer?

    The other hose, which hooks to the fuel rail coming from the pressure regulator is PN 16 12 1 180 409.

    Any pix/help will be appreciated.

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    Jack up the car and get under it. You will see where both of them change to hardlines on the tranny hump right around where the accelerator pedal is.



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      Make sure you use fuel hose suitable for fuel-injection (has a higher pressure rating than basic carb fuel hose).

      Both the feed and return hoses are jubileed onto hard pipe on the bulkhead below the servo.
      Scottish Cecotto


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        Steve, do you mean that they are retained by the clip behind the engine that holds both fuel hoses and clips to a bigger hose/pipe?

        If so, I think this may have caused the hole in the hose--they weren't clipped together--looks like the hose may have been melted.