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Massive Brake fade.... help!

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    BTW some numbers.

    With my old 225/50/15 KDs my M3 stops from 60 MPH in ~115 feet with most of the "trouble" in the last 3-4 MPH as the old-time slow pulsing ABS struggles. If that could be nailed it could do less than 110 feet, I think. That limitation does not affect driving the car in the manner for which it was designed however. Since hard driving has few stops under 5 MPH! I think it took somewhere in the upper 2 second range to do this type of stop. Well over 1 g. And if you don't have ample oil in the sump, your oil light will come on!

    I'm using the KVR alloy calipers up front and stocks out back. I found that the best combo in that case was (same as with front stock calipers) more aggressive pads out back. It helps get some more work out of the back of the car, a brake propotioning thing. So for street / auto-x I use semimetallic fronts and Porterfield R4-S high grip in the rear of the car. No squeal at all. The fronts still lock up first, which is ideal for safety and which you would like to happen just before the rears lock on the surface you care about using the setup you like.

    I should try this again with the new huge KDs I'm presently running. They are much wider and also larger in diameter than the other tires.

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      Something is definitely wrong.

      I have stock brakes, no ducts, superblue and Hawk HP+ front and rear and never, ever get fade like that on the street, and I have done some pretty spirited, extended mountain canyon drives. I also use that setup on the track and they also don't fade much in 20 minutes of hard driving on the track either. So a fully functional brake system with HP+ in front is more than up to the task asked.

      I suspect either poorly bled brakes, old fluid, green pads, or some other brake problem, e.g. sticking caliper, blown out seal.

      Give us more info: When did you put on the pads, how old is the fluid, when was the last bleed, did you do it correctly, etc.
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