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how many of these cars left in us?

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  • how many of these cars left in us?

    wondering if anyone has an idea as to how many of the 88 m3's are left in the us.
    1988 E30 M3 2.3(sold)
    1988 Celica alltrac turbo (on its way to 300hp)

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    I don't know if there real scientific way of knowing, the dmv would know if anyone...


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      I don't know about 88 M3s alone (which are the majority, 91s are pretty rare) but the total number of M3s sold 88-91 in the US was about 5,000. One source says 4,996 were sold throughout the four model years. Educated guesstimates say that about 2,000 to 3,000 still roam the roads. If you do some googling you can find more info, check the SIG and other info on this site and so forth.



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        I've got an 1987 euro with a build date of 1986-07-22. I recently posted the info below about it on Roadfly and got some good info. Anyone have any additional info to share? Also, I wonder how many '87's made it to the States?

        It's VIN is WBAAK010X00842046. Every other "M" car I've seen (including e28's) has "WBS" for a prefix (BMW Motorsport GMBH, Munich).

        Also, I've never been able to find any info showing the e30 M3 was built prior to 9/86. Anyone have some insight?

        Damon in STL
        Damon in STL
        '99 e39 540 Sport 6spd (DD), '88 e30 M3 - GTS2 #72 - Motorcraft Ignition, Volvo Injectors, Thrush Turbo Muffler, Open Source ECU, Aerospace Connectors, Lowes' Polycarbonate, Alumacore Front Splitter and Rear Diffuser, Racer's Tape.