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    Ok, so Im pretty new to this forum and to my two-week old '89 m3, but I need a little help. Ive searched the archives but still have some questions.

    Anyway, when I purchased the car 2 weeks ago everything worked fine, including my windshield wipers. After I got the car home they started "sticking"l; they were stuck on and I could not stop them or turn them to intermittant. After cleaning the switch I bought another one and wired it up last week. The wipers did the same thing so I bought the relay for $40, still going and going... Anybody else have this problem or know a quick fix?

    Secondly, I just installed the euro tow hook covers to complement my EVO intake, but now I am noticing a loss in power in the higher RPMs. I think that there is a "box behind the cover that I need to remove, does this sound familiar? The box was used to direct air to the original intake but is most likely restricing flow now that the covers are in place. Thanks alot guys,


    P.S. Anyone know what Alpha/N is going for these days? Last time I checked it was almost $1000!! Anything cheaper around?

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    When you installed the intake did you also install the air horn
    that goes behind the bumper? If not you're choking off your
    intake by putting the tow hook covers on. This horn replaces
    the "box" that directs air up to the intake.


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      Thanks a ton Mick, those pics helped clear it up, dont know how I didnt realize this problem but all is well now. Still need some help on those dang wipers though...


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        No problem, oh, and welcome to the forum