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  • Heat Shield

    Anyone here know anything about this?

    Or have any thoughts?


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    evo air box is better


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      IF your running a cone filter, Lukas seems to have a nice product.....BUT there are cheaper ways...

      I made one that completly wraps around the cone filter with a mesh headlight to a ducting that goes right to the air filter.


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        I "prototyped" a few for him, nice enough guy, product is ABS plastic made, kinda just ok if you have a cone filter, it works but I agree the EVO airbox would be better.

        It's a good product if you just want a cheap non metallic heat shield. It works

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          What makes the Evo Airbox that much better? Where could I find more info on it and are they still available?

          Thanks again.


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            The last thing you want is to be sucking in hot engine-bay air so shielding is critical.
            The evo air box has a pipe that goes through the front bulkhead next to the radiator and gulps in nice cold air from behind the bumper.

            Think turbos - bigger intercooler - more cooling of air - more ponies.
            Yes it's not as important for our cars, but the cooler the air, the denser it is and the more oxygen it ha volume for volume.
            As our engines are pumps, the volume sucked in on each stroke is constant, so the more oxygen you can get in that volume the better.

            Sorry, got carried away there. It never stops amzing me how many people fit these cone filters straight onto the AFM/throttle body/MAF sensor and then think they've got more power because of the huge increase in induction roar!

            You can bet that BMW spent loads of Deutchmark developing the evo box over the original shape and it's there for a reason - better breathing/cooler intake charge.
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