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  • Lightened Flywheel

    Right, the gearbox is about to be pulled out of my M3 and I'm wondering if there is anything worthwhile doing at the ssame time..... a few people have suggested a lightened flywheel but I have yet to find anywhere in the UK that offers one for the M3 (2.3).

    So, any advice on that front? Any other things that would be worthwhile doing while the 'box is off?


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    evo fluwheel. should be able to get it at any dealer.
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      Might be a good time to get all the gear linkages changed. The bushes wear out and it get like you stiring a pudding instead of changing gear, gets rid of the shifter rattle at 3.5-4k too, if you have it that is.

      You should be able to get an Evo 2/3 flywheel at the dealer, if you do let me know how much they as as this is something I'm looking into for when I get the clutch changed.
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        As he ^ said. What about a clutch upgrade?

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