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    Originally posted by AlpineRunner
    Are you talking about Clutchmasters or Spec? I looked at the clutchmasters site and could only find stock OEM/stage 0 clutch kit.
    Jeff J, does Clutchmasters have upgraded clutches for our cars?

    Also, would the SPEC stage 1 kit (with the higher clamp pressure plate be as aggressive as the Sachs HD kit? I'm always looking for better than stock, but I've heard the HD is not nice for traffic as it makes the pedal much heavier. Would the SPEC stage 1 make the pedal similar to stock, between stock and HD or heavier than HD?
    Stage 2 Spec clutch with lightweight option. If clutchmaster are better enough to warrant $200 more I would consider their stage 2. But then again, I would like to hear from someone that knows if it is a good streetable clutch for a high torque motor, talkin up to 200ft-lb.

    Bimmerworld has clutchmaster stage 1-4 listed for E30 M3 I think.


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      My Sachs HD was much lighter on teh leg than my worn 120k mile original clutch....MUCH MUCH i wouldnt worry about the difference in force needed at all.


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        oh...and my stock clutch was old....but it was starting to slip with the power i was making....about 240ish


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          You can order any of the Clutchmasters clutches from Bimmerworld. Spec clutches you can order directly from Spec. Both the Spec and Clutchmasters clutches start with a normal Sachs pressure plate, but are rebuilt to have a higher clamping force. I dont know exactly how much stiffer, but my guess is probably right around what the Sachs HD pressure plate is.

          The big difference with the Clutchmasters and Spec clutches compared to the Sachs HD are with the disks. AFAIK, the Sachs HD still uses the stock organic disk. The Stage 1 Clutchmasters and Spec clutches are a higher grade organic material that is steel backed and will last longer (more clutch disk life). They also have stiffer springs in the hub to make uptake more "crisp". This combined with the higher clamping force might make the clutch engagement slightly more harsh but I dont think it would be much different than the Sachs HD. I'm going to install the Stage1 clutchmasters in a few weeks on our other M3 to see how it is, but wont be able to test the Stage 3 Spec clutch until my motor is done...

          If you have a modified 2.3 or 2.5, you might want to consider one of the organic or kevlar disks. Kevlar will last MUCH longer than the organic disks, but is not as well suited for repeated engagements (like at the track) as organic due to the heat. But when I talked to David at Spec he said that their Kevlar is a very high grade that wont fall off with high temps... The 6 puck ceramic/carbon disks are bullet proof and hold very high torque, but may not last quite as long, and will "chatter" more if used on the street. Using a dual surface disk like I did can help with keeping street usage smooth though.
          Jeff J.
          1990 E30 M3