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which cooling system hoses are needed?

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  • which cooling system hoses are needed?

    hey everyone,

    there's a leak in my radiator, so i'm going to be changing out the radiator, water pump, and thermostat. along with those, i'd like to change the cooling hoses.

    i was looking through the EAP4PARTS website, and there are a lot of hoses listed... I was wondering which ones i need? (or should i replace all of them?) some are obvious, but i'm not so sure about others

    These are listed:
    -Water Hose, Return Pipe
    -Water Hose, Expansion Tank
    -Water Hose, Water Pipe
    -Water Hose, Lower Radiator
    -Water Hose, Thermostat to Water Pipe
    -Water Hose, Upper Radiator
    -Water Hose, Breather
    -Heater Hose, Inlet
    -Heater Hose, Outlet
    -Overflow Hose, Expansion Tank

    Additionally, a friend recommended these silicone hoses to me:
    These obviously cost a lot more. do you think they are that necessary? should i just stick with the normal OE hoses? I plan on some track/autox time with the car, but not all the time.

    if you could help me out with these questions, i'd really appreciate it. thanks!


    PS Searchy!: i already did a search on this! didn't really find answers to these questions.

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    here's the link to the parts page:


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      I did this in December and just replaced all hoses with OE ones. I got my set from Turner, all bundled together. I couldn't fathom why I shouldn't replace old hoses with new ones if I was doing the rest of the cooling system.


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        Ok, thanks.
        it seems like the turner kit corresponds to the first 6 hoses listed on the page:

        That's why I asked because there are some other hoses at the bottom (breather, inlet, outlet, expansion tank overflow) that i didn't think I needed.

        Steve88M3, was this a hard job to do? Doesn't look too bad, but I was wondering how long it took you and if there were any tips or tricks to keep in mind when changing out everything.


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          You can buy a complte kit from for $110.

          Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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            Oh yes, TAYLORAUTOSPORT is MIA for around 4-5 months now.

            Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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              My mistake, mars, I got it from Bimmerworld.

              Yes, go there.

              No it wasn't hard, but I didn't have engine in the car when I did it .


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                assuming your car has never had coolant hoses replaced I'd just assume replace them all. The cars 16 years old, age does a number on rubber fittings, especially hoses


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         suppose to be the complete kit, no clamps shown however.
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                    i should be able to re-use the hose clamps, right?


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                      I got the Samco kit from Andrew (Taylor Autosport). Yes he is around but life is getting in the way of the parts business. Best to call him if you want something.

                      Yes they are a bit more expensive but worth it IMO.


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                        marsfire, you do not need the silicone hoses, the pressure that the water is under is not high enough to have to resort to these, BMW DTM cars used standard hoses when racing!! Allthough they were probably changed after every race! But they were still running 300bhp plus and up to 9450rpm, So dont worry about using oem standard pipes.
                        One thing I would say is that it is a good idea to get new clips as these will almost definatly snap when you tighten them back up (ask me how I know!) I got some that looked a bit wider and tougher than the standard ones, as these are the week points when putting new pipes in. Also it would be a good idea to get a new thermostat if you are cganging everything, as these can sometimes stick after age and cause over pressure of the system (ask me how I know!)

                        Apart from that you should be fine, make sure you wipe off the places where the old pipes came off to get rid of dirt etc.
                        One last thing I would say the job would take you about 2-3 hours and you might have to take the air box off to get to the pipe from the heater matrix to the pump.

                        Good luck


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                          thanks for the great info, everyone.

                          ItalianM3, I'll be sure to get new clamps then. I plan on changing the thermostat and water pump when I do all this.

                          IS there anything else I might need besides the radiator, thermostat, water pump, hoses, clamps and coolant? Do I need any misc bushings or gaskets or anything like that?


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                            You should'nt need anything else apart from that lot.

                            Depending on weather, If it is hot and you are in the summer season dont use to much coolant you want 90% water 10% coolant, it will keep the engine cooler. Also if your water level goes down over time, you might want to invest in a new cap for the expansion tank, these leak slowly and after a long run in the hot they let the water evaporate.

                            Apart from that, you should be fine


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                              If you are going to take the time to do the hoses I would change the cap as well. It's not expensive and sorted my slow coolant loss problem.
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