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Check your upper oil pan bolts!!

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  • Check your upper oil pan bolts!!

    I decided to put an oil pan baffle in the red car and when I opened the lower pan I found 3 bolts sitting there. Upon looking closer these 3 bolts came out of the upper oil pan.......many of the other bolts were not very tight- some finger tight. If you are ever just "in there" it is a great idea to check on these bolts to see how they are. I replaced upper and lower gaskets and used loctite blue on everything, this should keep this from happening again.....This probably holds true for higher mileage cars more than lower mileage but keep an eye on them none the less!
    Charley Terhune
    89 Zinno M3- stock 90k miles
    89 Zinno M3- 2.5 etc. etc.

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    I had the same problem, my bolts were backed out part way when I did my baffle a month ago.

    Interesting, actually i have heard of this happening in other cases too



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      That gasket is a cork type gasket theat compresses, and over time it looses it's tension on the bolts. actually not that uncommon on older bmw's.