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Help, oil seepage from front of head....

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    there sure is some confusion...I'm confused. is it leaking the area where you drew an arrow on the pic? or that plug mentioned by Z4 that is on the head as Stan said (not cam carrier)? That is not a coolant's just a plug. To the right of that one is the shaft for the timing chain idler gear (that one uses a o-ring for sealing BTW). No coolant plug there in front, perhaps its being mistaken for the rear heater coolant fitting..?

    The area that ///Empowered is having the leak as shown in the pic is just a cover for the cam gear bolts. It uses an o-ring for sealing. On my engine the PO used silicone sealant..which did't do so well, it still leaked. Curil T would do better IMO


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      I was just going by what he said, which is the plug in the center of the head with the slot in it

      I defer to the experience of others on whether or not it is actually leaking there, but that's what he claimed.
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