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gurney flap?

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  • gurney flap?

    can you add one to u.s. model wing or am i an idiot and do i need to buy entire new evo deal? be kind..........
    190 rev reject

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    You need to buy the evo III rear spoiler, unless you want to do a hack job on your current stock wing. It wont look nearly as good and won't have the adjustability. Kind enough?

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      very kind. no hacking happening here..

      155mph would stroke on out...
      190 rev reject


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        A big gurney flap will cause lots of drag and change your entry to turns. Trailbraking oversteer and lift throttle oversteer are harder to initiate, but goddamn does it stick. You will definatly need to balance the flap with some front aerodynamic aids or the car may have front end float and/or oversteer.

        I have my non-DTM flap in position 3 and it's too much for the EvoII front splitter. Next track day I am going to dial it back to pos. 2 to see how that balances the car.

        If you leave it up, expect to loose about 1-2 mpg.

        Despite the mixed reviews, I am happy with the piece I got, check him out.