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Clicking brakes?

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  • Clicking brakes?

    The left rear brakes like to click when I put the pedal down or sometimes when the car is moving. It's not the anti rattling clips either... any idea? I know it's brake related, so I know its not the sway mounts or any other bolts....

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    Sounds like the pad backing plate may have a sloppy fit and is rocking up and down in the assembly.

    On another front, I would check the cv joints in that corner as well.


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      Thanks for the reply. The CV joints are in good condition, the pad was what came up before at an Auto X... I guess I have to wait til the pads wear.


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        Related but a bit different, I had a clattering sound from the rear brake over bumps, turned out to be the spring clip that holds the pad into the piston, the rivet was worn and it just let the pad move around a little. New pads solved it!


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          Yea, I looked up some sig archives and it said to bend the rattling clip to see if that works.. so I tired it and will see.


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            Mike, it may also be the e-brake assembly, pull off the rotor and make sure nothing is hanging around in there. I has a lug bolt that was to long and it hit the pads in there making a clicking noise.

            The other thing that comes to mind is a loose caliper, or a wheel bearing.

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              When I had it checked out at the autox, it was up in the air on jack stands, and while the rear was moving, it would make that sound, so the calipers weren't moving, and I checked the bolts on the calipers, very tight.

              Wheel bearings don't click (at least I have never heard of bad wheel bearing that clicks, they hum) and they were replaced when I bought the car, so new ones can't go bad that fast.

              Don't you just love mystery sounds!?


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                we had the same rattle and click sound come from the back of my dads car.... we didn't know what was causing it because we checked all the things you're talking about... ultimately, we came to the conclusion that a P/O had used break pads that were just slightly too small and would rattle around back there..... just a thought....
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                  can you hear the clicking if you drive the car stone cold?
                  or only when the brakes have been used(some expansion of carrier,caliper, pad)and components are warm.

                  have you checked the inside of the wheel for witness marks from contact with the rattle pad or other component?


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                    Both when cold and warm....

                    The rear wheels don't hit the rattle clips, only the fronts (that is why they are removed)....

                    I believe (like others said) its a bad brake pad; nothing serious..... When I bent the clip in a bit more, it went away a bit.