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GC camber plate

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  • GC camber plate

    Helping out on a GC installation. Need some input on the marking on the plate. What is an initial setting for street use as per marking on the plate. :rolleyes:

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    need a bit more info that what yoru giving... are you asking about the camber settings?

    if so, I'm running 2.5 deg camber all the time... the camber plate however is only showing that I run 1 deg camber. I trust the digital machine much more than the plate

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      I know it all depend on the ride hight but wanted a rough setting until I get it down to the alignment shop. When we get it all done I will have some intillegent questions. Thanks.


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        BTW we did not get any hardware to hold in the GC camber plate. ( used) Is the plate held in by three allen bolts and nuts on the bottom. Also four allen bolts; two on each side to hold the adjustable plate.
        Have any instructions on this.