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Ugh! Front end issues. I need advice.

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    If you take the car to a good shop, and I mean good shop, i think they may tell you that they cannot align it, due to a bad part, especially if it happens that a ball joint is the culprit.
    besides, you may get a better look as you'll be able to see underneath the car better.
    If they do a four wheel alignment and the thrust angle is off, it may be a clue that the rear suspension is tweaked as well. keep an eye out for caster difference side to side in front as well (strut tower).
    hopefully it is only whacked out toe and camber(plates slipped on impact) in front,


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      I found the problem today. Too much freakin camber.

      Turns out my upper spring perch was binding against the inside of the strut tower. It was only happening on the drivers side because of the orientation of the spring on that side. On the drivers side the "peak" of the spring is on the inside, where on the passenger side it's on the outside.

      When the wheel was turned far enough to the left the peak of the spring would come around and pinch the spring perch against the strut tower, then when I'd turn right the perch would be left behind and the spring would rotate out of it. If I wrenched the wheel hard to the right it would dislodge the perch and eventually the spring would work it's way back in to the proper position.

      Part of the reason I couldn't find the problem was that it wouldn't bind when the front end was unloaded. My springs are short enough that they come out of the perches when the front end is off the ground.
      Thanks to all who offered advice.


      Jess e30 ///M3 called it, although the tower's not bent.
      Turns out your ass is smarter than you thought.
      Originally posted by Jess e30 ///M3

      Just thinking out of my ass here,

      Could you have bent the strut tower by chance? When you turn left the bearing at the top( sorry i cant think of the name right now) s binding up, jerk the wheel and it unbinds the other way?
      Just something else to look at anyways.


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        glad to hear you found the binding problem, but hopefully you'll get it on the alignment rack soon to verify nothing got kinked
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          Originally posted by TeamM3
          glad to hear you found the binding problem, but hopefully you'll get it on the alignment rack soon to verify nothing got kinked
          Right good point, there were 2 issues that were unrelated. A slightly "boogered alignment" to use your terms, and a binding spring perch.

          The binding had been there all along, I just hadn't driven it on the street enough to have it happen to me. But there used to be a bit of a clunking sound coming from that strut that is now gone. Also, the car was a little slow to come back on center after I did the suspension, that's also gone.

          I wonder if anyone else using the Road Race Tech camber plates is having this issue. I'm going to call them today.

          I'm glad I found the big issue. I really don't think anything major happened to the suspension when I hit the wall other than the alignment going out. It's tracking pretty straight now, just feels like a little too much toe out at high speeds. I drove the car around for a couple of hours last night and it's never felt better. I'm sure with a good alignment it'll be perfect.


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            I agree about the rack. It doesn't take that much to bend a rail a little, but it takes a lot to totally "F" up the chasis.

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