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Videos - Open Trumpets + Injectors

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  • Videos - Open Trumpets + Injectors

    These are two pretty cool videos from a tuner over in the UK. S14 with open trumpets and the injectors sitting right there outside them. It's really cool to see the fuel spray like you can.


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    Maybe it's just me but it looks like the 3rd injector from them left isn't putting out as much fuel as the other 3.

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      good lord

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        Had these on my computer but didnt know any info about the engine...


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          Yup. Those injectors need to be cleaned and balanced.
          #4 was practically liquid... won't burn... not enough time to vaporise..... lean .

          #2 less fuel or actually may be atomised the best.

          the intake tract is incorrect for the second set of injectors as you can see the standoff/blowback of the injector spray at a certain RPM.

          Powerstation Know what their doing so those shots must be during real early development.

          Awesome power once sorted.