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Flywheel Bolts....GRRRR

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  • Flywheel Bolts....GRRRR

    So, whats someones great trick to keep the engine from rotating when taking out the flywheel bolts? I am doing this solo, so if its a two man plan, I could probably find someone to help, but would rather be able to do it myself.


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    Check a dealer and ask nicely for the special tool, a tool that will be put on the fixing holes of the starter and blocking the gear on the flywheel, tha the job can be done alone.
    Other way put a bolt in the fixing hole of the clutch housing and use a huge srewdriver or something else to block the starter gear on the flywheel but for this ya need two guys : )


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      1- Screw a small bolt in the threaded holes where the clutch plate is usually bolted.
      2- Screw a long bolt in one of the mounting points for the tranny, at 3 O-clock
      3- Put the small bolt at 4 or 5 O-clock and bridge the two bolts with a small wrench.

      This will keep the flywheel from spinning when you undo the flywheel.

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        I jam a big screwdriver into the bellhousing into one of the flywheel teeth and it stops it from rotating. The dealer has a tool, but they usually use this method or an impact wrench with the right torque stick on it.
        I work at the dealer now as a BMW tech, if that counts for anything.
        Your car needs a clutch already man? didn't you get it with 110k miles? hows the car going?
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          Sounds like you need air tools.

          I've never removed a flywheel so my opinion isn't worth shit on this subject but I'd bet an impact gun would spin those bolts right out.


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            I managed to get it out by using an offset box wrench against the exhuast, and than a 1/2" ratchet with a 32mm combo wrench acting as the torque arm. Managed em all without too much issue.

            Ryan...its the throw-out bearing that bit the dust, as it fell to pieces when I took it out, and the ball bearings went every which way. I figured the clutch, pilot bearing, and the starter should get done while I am down there. Thinking about an SSK as well, but they are much easier on the M3 than a 325is, so that might wait til I have some $$ back in the bank. (My local dealer wanted $75 for the Z3 1.9 lever...not happening).

            Thanks for all the help guys. Now I just gotta wait for parts, and figure out where the pilot bearing is and I'll be up and running in about a week.

            Increasing the value of E30 M3's everywhere - one shunt at a time.