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Stolen M3. Please keep an eye out.

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  • Stolen M3. Please keep an eye out.

    Some a-hole stole this poor guy's truck, trailer and M3! Please keep an eye ouy for the car or any parts that may have come from it.

    I hope he dosen't mind my re-posting.

    Ripped from the SIG...

    I am very sad to report that my '88 M3, VIN: WBSAK0300J2196000, NY plate #BYJ9510 was stolen early Friday morning, July 9 from the Holiday Inn in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The car is Schwarz/Natural, with a rollbar, numerous driving school stickers and the number 122 in white on the side windows. The car also has a unique rough black painted dashboard, sand painted instrument bezel, and black fabric seat covers on the driver's side seat, but only on the top half of the passenger seat. Also has 2 black Schroth 4-point harnesses, Racing Dynamics strut brace, original 15'' wheels with Toyo RA 1's, left front new, other 3 worn.

    Also stolen, was my bright blue/blue 1993 Ford F250 Diesel extra-cab P/U truck,
    VIN: 1FTHX25M0PKB48721, NY Commercial Plate #17843JC, with silver running-boards and a black tonneau cover. In the truck was 4 older gold 15'' basket-weave wheels shod with worn Bridgestone RE-71's, a brand new 225/50-15 unmounted Toyo RA1, and a new white 15'' spare trailer wheel with tire.

    The car was locked in my Gray 2002 Haulmark trailer, VIN: 16HGB20242P026267, NY Plate #AB89909, which was also stolen. The trailer, which was locked to the weight distributing hitch of the truck, has dual white wheels, and 4 home-made white air vents, 2 in front, and 1 on each upper rear side. Also in the trailer were assorted tools, tool boxes, a bolted-in winch/with battery and assorted spare parts (and my Bauer Rollerblades!).

    Anyone with info regarding the vehicles and/or the selling of any of the parts (or to offer their sympathy) will be greatly appreciated, and can contact me off-line. Thanks for the bandwith.

    PM me if you need his contact information, I didn't feel comfortable posting it here without his consent.

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    I would chop that assholes fingers off so the next time (even if he is caught and released after 2 month in jail) he would not steal again


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      Originally posted by vlad
      I would chop that assholes fingers off so the next time (even if he is caught and released after 2 month in jail) he would not steal again
      And then after his fingers his hands, and then his arms, so the bastard will have to steer with his feet and go down on the shift knob to change gears with his mouth.


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          the thought of the poor bastard only having to go down on his knob to shift isn't justice. I say he loses a leg so he can never drive an s14 again...
          1988 M3
          Limited Production
          Canadian Edition
          No. 27 of 45
          sparco braces, eibach springs, bilstein shocks, BMP chip,
          little by little...
          1971 VW Beatle, 1997 VW GTI


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            Sorry to hear about the car.

            Be careful in Canada. When the team was in Canada a few months ago one of the mechanics had his truck stolen along with a few others cars in the hotel parking lot. Sounds to me like someone in Canada is targeting Hotel's around the time of a race looking for some nice cars to steal.