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a/c major noise

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  • a/c major noise

    when i engage the blue a/c button 2/5 times i get a very loud chirp/grind noise. what most likely is it and how much to fix?
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    Does it work and kick-out cold/cooler air though?

    Sounds like your AC belt is either dead and needs replacing, and/or the wheel is misaligned on it. I would not use it since it could brake-off and cause your other belts to fail by getting caught.


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      it works and air blows pretty cold and noise abates

      once the belt is turning. it is about 100 degrees here (at the gateway to hell) and it seems that the air could be colder.
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        make sure there are no rocks stuck between the compressor and the pulley.
        Otherwise it looks like your compressor needs repair.


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          Not to hijack this thread but I was just about to ask what's the easiest way to install a new A/C compressor belt. The main question is does the car have to be lifted to install the new belt or is it pretty simple to do from the top.