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how do you shoot flames

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  • how do you shoot flames

    )ok it's 3:30 in the am, and here goes a totally random question

    what do I need to do to shoot flames out the exhaust. I've seen that avus blue one from germany do it, and I've heard of others, I'd like to as well just for the wow factor (people following me at night )

    I've got:
    no cats
    AFM/LINK piggyback (no afm)
    carbon airbox

    other than that the motor is stock, should I add a chip to advance the timming? will this help me on my silly quest?

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    cams and gearchanges above 6500 should produce some

    If you wish flames when YOU want, go with
    AutoLoc's Single Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit.


    PS: another bad idea could be to detune your pot in the afm/link
    that it won´t go zero and cutoff fuel...


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      I dont know how....

      But I was driving my car a few nights ago....

      And on an upshift @ near 6k rpm all I saw was a huge flash from the rear of my was so big i could see it in the rearview....AWESOME....


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        Erm... you want to shoot flames while the car is in motion? or you want to shoot 'em while stationary?
        :cool: :evil:


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          I run a link and the stock TPS switch. On the link, just shift at high Rs and:

          * Don't lift all the way - if you lift all the way the gas gets shut off, so this will limit you to any fuel that is sent to the motor before that occurs. Try using slight residual pedal pressure.

          * Tune the large zones like 12,16,20 pretty rich...cuz you don't really cruise at 6000 anyway...and closed loop takes a few seconds to kick and turns off near 4000 in any event.

          * The big flames pop so you can tell when they are occuring during the day.

          * If a cop is nearby or behind you shift at lower Rs and gradually lift off the gas for shifting so an accidental flame doesn't shoot out at him.



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            My car used to do this all the time after my cams were fitted and a remap. Got to make sure the exhaust is nice and warm. If you not going round a track then I would hold the car at about 5.5k for maybe be 15-20 secs in 2nd or 3rd then gun it to the redline. Mine would always go do a flame with a loud bang on the up change when I did this.
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              If you have adjustably with the EMS, turn off deceleration fuel cut-off for the idle cells at high rpms and then set your ignition timing very late (past TDC) so that it lights the mixture while or close to the point the exhaust valve opens.. This is how the turbo rally cars keep the turbo spooled up during shifts and when they lift. Listen for the "popping" sound when they lift for corners..

              I've never actually tried this on a street car, do it at your own risk :-)
              Jeff J.
              1990 E30 M3


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                ROBM3 Gets Excited About Exhaust Flames...(CLICK ME)

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                  You guys are so immature........


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                    some people do cruise at 6000 rpm, just a FYI

                    after tired of the light show, dont forget to return your map back to normal.

                    John "flameless"


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                      >>>some people do cruise at 6000 rpm, just a FYI <<<

                      Lucky you, that'd be over twice the speed limit over here. Still that could be mapped around since a good deal of throttle opening would be needed to cruise at 120-130+ MPH. So you set the extra fuel below that point.



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                        this is easy dude!

                        get the plug wires nicked and wet in the loom and break the little arm off the plenum and make sure it is fully'll blow lots of fire.
                        mine did in north carolina so that a woman pulled me over and prayed for me on the roadside. then they towed me.
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                          Wire a spark plug into your exhaust...or some sort of ignitor...and run a button into the interior...push the botton....boom....FIRE


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                            i used to do this often...long time ago.
                            engine was stock with intake, SS MAF, SSresonator and brullen muffler.

                            of course the car ran rich and when the exhaust got pretty hot, the fireworks began.
                            mainly happens in the higher rpm range - above 6k.

                            on upshift between 1st and 2nd, flames were blue.

                            on downshift from 3rd to 2nd, going from about 8k, brake, rev match and then shift...and dont lift too much, i get a nice yellow/red flame.

                            been told i shot out 2-3 feet of flames...caused an accident once cause car next to me saw the flames and hit the car infront.

                            also, if u run hawk blues, and if u slam on your brakes at nite - you'll see some nice sparks.
                            Franklin Joseph
                            04 Z4
                            03 X5
                            95 M3


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                              reason I ask is becuase I got a flame the other night, all I saw was a bright flash in my mirrors, and imediately started talking like bevis

                              I was just hoping to do it more consistently for fun. I want to do it all natural, no spark plug BS, just lots o fuel and lots of rpm I guess.

                              Ironhead, I don't think the link box has decel tunning, isn't this correct stan?

                              Karl Kraus --Education is a crutch with which the foolish attack the wise to prove that
                              they are not idiots.