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  • SPEC clutch group buy

    I emailed David from SPEC clutches about a group buy and he said if we get 10 people together for a group buy then he would give us 19% off. You can get whatever stage you want but it must be for the e30 M3.

    SPEC clutches are modified Sachs clutches with a higher clamp pressure plate and better steel backed disk. Check out their website They have very good and clear info on their site. You can calculate how much it would be so I am looking for people who are definitely in...not people who want to see what the price would be. Also note that there is a LTW pressure plate for $79.

    This GB was tried by someone else earlier but it didn't go through, not enough ppl or something.

    PS. I posted in this forum as opposed to the For Sale because we need as many ppl as possible and this forum gets more traffic, but it can be moved if necessary.
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    You need to post this in as many forums as you can to get traffic. I will do what I can but for now I don't need a clutch (Knocks on wood twice)


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      [email protected], I was trying not to spend money right now :p

      interested, but I need to call them and ask a few Q's before committing fully
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        We sell them for 10% off retail one at a time if your group buy doesn't work out. I also have 8mm ignition wires for $145.