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I don't understand some people

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    Originally posted by Reelizmpro
    Hmmmm Mike, please investigate. This M3 owner must be found and brought to his knees. J/K. I know how you must feel. Some people are just like that by nature. Probably just bought the car and wasn't familiar with the comradery associated with E30 M3's.
    Sure, what did the car look like? what aftermarket stuff did it have? I know most of the local E30 M3 guys.

    You know what, I passed a FRIEND of mine in his M3 when I was in my M3, and he didn't notice me, I even beeped the horn, and swerved towards him, he still did not see me. The funny part he was on his way over to my house! he took the wrong exit and took another 30min to get here. In the end he was wearing ear plugs and focused on other things (Son was being shipped out to Iraq).

    Do not click
    At least it's German


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      that's a beautiful pic, anthony

      and i know how you feel, but we've discussed that topic in person already

      looks better than it runs :/