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Who Has seen the Police Vs. E30 M3 video?

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    having outrun the police in a 240z many years ago..........

    i announced to my dad that i had been successful in the endeavor.
    his reply was,"son ,no matter how fast you are ,or good of a driver
    for that matter, it is awfully hard to outrun a radio!"

    i miss that wisdom..............
    190 rev reject


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      That is the fastest that has been caught and successfully prosecuted . Theres been a few articles in some bike mags of people getting past 180 MPH on the M1 ( England's main freeway ) and also a McLaren F1 owner who topped 200 MPH with ease , again on the motorway .
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        Just to add my 02 cents from Montreal. A report from last year's car chases has showed that 75% of the car chase leaded to somebody's death or wounding. This is because when cars start chasing each others in an urban environment the chances of hitting other unaware innocent passerbys and vehicules are very high. It has been recommanded to reevaluate if car chases were really necessary and to train cops as their "performance driving" skills were not up to the task. maybe they should attend some BMWCCA Performance driving schools...

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          A report from last year's car chases has showed that 75% of the car chase leaded to somebody's death or wounding
          I don't know have any first hand knowledge of Canada, but those figures sound unlikely.....

          In the US a fairly high percentage of pursuits end in a collision, I think it is around 40%. However, the overwhelming majority of those are single vehicle accidents only involving the fleeing motorist, and the great majority of those accidents are relatively minor "fender-bender" type affairs.

          Despite the media hype and undeniable tragedy when it does occur, fatalities are rare. I believe it is roughly 1 pursuit in 200 ends in a fatality, and again most often it is the fleeing motorist who dies. Pursuits ending with an innocent bystander (not the cops or the crooks) dying are even more rare. I believe there are less than 100 of those per year in the US.

          I am quoting the stats from memory, so they may not be "right on" but I think they are close.


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            Im not sure about going 155 in a 65, but I was with a friend when he got a ticket for "110 plus in a 55" and all he got was 2 points and $180 in fines, dont know how that works out...


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              Here´s another example with a weak car but a "good" driver