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My rearveiw mirrors are!?!?

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  • My rearveiw mirrors are!?!?

    Some after months of ownership, I reach out to grap the mirror while driving and....its hot! not sun baked hot( its twilight), more burn your fingerprints off hot... so its obvious that the mirrors have a defroster but shouldn't this be wired to the defroster switch? The switch is off but the mirrors are still hot.

    Is this normal? doesn't sound like BMW but if its normal is there a fuse specifly for the mirror defroster?
    Are the mirrors wired into the defrost switch? if so I'll start there.
    could there be a hidden button somewhere that I haven't made freinds with?

    BTW I live on the gulf of mexico so frost isn't quite the problem here.
    Sorry for the silly question but I dont have an owners manual.

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    Your mirrors are in the defroster circuit, there is a heater wire
    behind the mirror glasses.

    Also the door keyhole is in this defrost circuit.
    To switch on the defroster if your keyhole is frozen,
    lift the door handle 1 time up to switch on.



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      If the option is fitted and it sounds like it is then the mirrors are automatically heated when the ignition switch is in position 2.

      It is fuse 19 but the heating is shared with the electric control. It is separate from the rear window defrost .

      This is what the Koala CD has to say about them......

      "Heating is automatic, with ignition on, the element will activate via an internal temperature switch, when temperature drops below 15 5 C (59 9 F) and will turn off when temperature reaches 50 10 C (122 +/-18 F). Sequence will begin again if temp drops below switch on threshold.

      The mirror should be able to melt ice in 5 minutes or less from being switched on, at temperature of -10 C (14 F) with an approximate draw of 1.5Amps"
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        Is your outside temp sensor working properly?
        By Kevin's description it sounds like if your temp on the OBC is reading below 59F the heaters in the mirrors will be switched on.


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          yar the outside temp is pretty accurate, is look as though it switches off with a internal sensor at (122 +/-18 F).
          So obviuosly noone else is expericancing this problem at this time of year?
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            Originally posted by catfishez
            So obviuosly noone else is expericancing this problem at this time of year? [/B]
            I have never had the need to put my fingers on the mirror glass whilst driving, as I adjust it electrically.

            So I could have the problem and not know it, perhaps a little green or red led could be added somewhere to show if the heating is on or not.
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              hehhe now that I've mentioned it you won't beable to keep your fingers off it..


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                idea, maybe the motor heat vents to the mirrors, cuase my mirrors are always hot, and i have dtm mirrors, so there is 0 wires in there.
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