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anyone tried nitros on an M3

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  • anyone tried nitros on an M3

    subject sums it up

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    I know Bexley Motorsport just built one for some guy. Don't know what the numbers where though.
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      there was a web page i had book marked on my old computer where someone had put a 100 shot bottle on an m3... said it was rediculously quick... i hate noz tho, it's just hp in a bottle.... you could make a riding lawn mower fast with enough noz... plus it's bad for your engine, a little ricey.. ect...
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        Since most S14s die from going lean, I can only imagine how easily one would blow using nitrous.

        Nitrous on a Honda or small-block V8 - yes

        Nitrous on expensive S14? - not for me!


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          A VERY bad idea
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            I ran NOS on a 66 Chevelle SS 396 / 325hp worked great. NOS on an E30 M3 would be a very bad Idea. Placing a NOS system on a car with high compression and 4 throttle bodies would be risky and dangerous.
            The 396 had 10.25 to 1 compression but with just a single 4 bbl the plate system was easy to manage. You can rebuild a big block chevy for $1000. The S14 will cost you $7000. NOS has almost no use outside drag
            racing and a M3 is not a drag car. If you want strait line speed use this recipe. 68-72 NOVA ($1500), 502 Chevy crate engine ($7000), turbo 400 trans ($800), 4.10 ford 9" rear end ($1000), 250 hp NOS plate system
            ($700). This should get you in the 10s for about $11000.


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              Heard a rumor of one in GA

              Heard a vague rumor of an e30 M3 with nitrous in the Albany GA area. An ex of mine claimed to have seen it at the Marine base there. That is all I know or even cared to know. Something about nitrous on an S14 does not sound good. Kinda like Ketchup and Syrup on your eggs - ICK!!!
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                2 BOTTLES!!!!!!!!!


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                  yeah you can't turbocharge one either:rolleyes:

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