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  • preventive maint. tip

    Maybe I'm the only one who's had this happen, but I figured I would bring it up since the temperature is starting to rise. My high pressure ac hose from the compressor was rubbing on the frame rail.....then very own little EPA disaster.

    Once getting a new hose and converting from r12 to r134 I took some fuel hose, cut it in half and glued it to the frame rail so this doesn't happen again.

    A few ponies less to the ground but a much more comfortable ride after work! Having driven it with no fan clutch and the ac belt removed I seriously thought about removing the whole ac system, but then driving home in 95 degree weather answered that little question.

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    That happened to me, people check this hose and you can use an evo airbox rubber cushion to keep it from chaffing.


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      That was my excuse to do AC delete on my car.