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ecu version difference ?

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  • ecu version difference ?

    Hello friends

    My car is equipped with the:
    0 261 200 091 ECU

    And I have a spare:
    0 261 200 071 ECU

    Anyone know the difference between these two.

    My car is a cecotto with cat & lambda

    And the text on the 071 ECU says:
    ECE / KAT

    Suggesting that it is for both the euro and us market with lambda and cat.

    The spare has a MK-Motorsport chip in it.... But i'm not sure if this will be suitable for my engine... Or if I can use the 071 box in my car all together for a custom chip at a later point.. As I like having the original untampered with...
    Steffen Otto Jensen
    1989 318is
    1989 M3 Cecotto (196/505)

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    I think 071 ECU's came from regular E30's. Ones with Motronic 1.3 and an M20 (1990+) IIRC?
    Chris L.

    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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      I think the 071 is a generic ECU that has manual settings that can be made to enable the ECU to be used on Euro cars with and without cats. It also can be used on US cars (it's the standard ECU over here).

      The settings change the fuel and spark timing to accomodate different fuel quality etc.


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        All M3 ECU's are the same. Just the EEPROM makes the different part No.

        Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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          I ran across this the other day.
          the 071 looks to be in all the US cars, but US cars have a different harness which grounds Pin 10 which I understand then uses the US map for "unleaded super" and Lambda.
          As Uwe says, the ECU are the same inside except for the EPROM chip.

          I understand that if you could obtain a GruppeN chip and install in the 071 ECU, you get US ign timing unless pins 10 and 28 are grounded, and you get a 7800 rev limit..... Somewhat irrelevant for the US market as we have several reputable "chippers".

          Others may know, but I would guess that you have a different ign timing curve in the 091.