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Pic Request: Stock Front Swaybar Bracket

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  • Pic Request: Stock Front Swaybar Bracket

    Hey guys, can anybody post a close-up of the stock mounting bracket for the front swaybar as it is mounted on the car?

    I'd like to compare it with mine.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Try looking over at tons of pics there ,although its a pain in the arse to search the site now.

    Best I can do .
    This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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      I don't have a pic, but I switched the stock front bar bushings to Urethane yesterday.

      There is a hardpoint for the sway bar mounts on each rear side of the subframe.

      For the leading edge of the swaybar bracket, there is a slot, thru which a tongue on the leading edge of the bracket is inserted.
      Then you squeeze the trailing edge if the bracket to the trailing tang on the subframe, use a hammer and sharp punch to align the holes for a 13mm headed nut/bolt combo.
      I used a pair of large(10WR) visegrips to clamp the trailing portions together.

      make sure you clean the bar, inside loop of each bracket, of all rust scale if you are changing bushings, or Itt will not be possble to clamp the pieces together.

      Look here and type in the end of your Vin in the second of the two links provided by Nostrils in the (2 ETK parts catalogs online) thread

      hit front suspension and blow up the diagram of the front bar.

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        Thanks a lot Mark! That's what I was looking for.