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  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

    A while back a few people asked me to post pictures of the adjustable fuel pressure regulator I installed using the Group A mount. I had "issues" with posting photos for a while and could not figure out how to do it, but recently it dawned on me. I thought I would post these pictures in case someone is considering the same thing.

    This was a "highly recommended" mod by several people, to assist in tuning my Lenz EMS. I will say that I have not really found it that usefull. There are so many variables to tuning an engine, I have wound up just setting the fuel pressure to stock 42 PSI and tuning the AFRs at that level. Now I am reluctant to mess with the pressure, since I am starting to get everything where it should be and if I change pressure I am sure I will have to kind of start over again.

    I think adjusting fuel pressure would only be really usefull if your application is slightly over-extending the injectors you have. You could increase pressure rather than putting in new injectors....although just going with higher capacity injectors would probably be simpler. I have also read that there are "theoretical" advantages to running higher pressure, in the areas of fuel atomization and all. I have not messed around with this....just getting the "basics" right has been challenging enough for me.

    So, I guess I am saying the neat adjustable FPR was kind of a waste of time and money for my needs....... :rolleyes: ....but here are the pictures, such as they are.
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    Very, Very nice.

    I believe Jeff J has some actual dyno gains from just upping the pressure to 4bar.

    I had to up mine to 4bar because I was running out of injector at 5500rpm.



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      I believe Jeff J has some actual dyno gains from just upping the pressure to 4bar
      If I did that though, I would pretty much have to retune right?


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        Originally posted by Ironhead
        If I did that though, I would pretty much have to retune right?
        Yep. Raising the fuel pressure is not linear. You could prolly get pretty damn close across the board with the modify ign/inj factor. The lambda control would keep the rest in shape though. Never hurts to try, just remember the settings before you change them. Do you have a WBO2?



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          Yeah I have WBO2.....

          I have found, despite what the Lenz folks tell you, that it is important to get the injection maps as close to the mark as possible for the system to work well. In other words, tune the system so that the lambda is doing as little as possible. That injection map tuning has made a huge difference in how well my car runs.

          My car is pretty well tuned right now and I have a smog check coming up. After that hurdle is passed I may mess around some with the fuel pressure.