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Getting Flywheel On....Help Needed (Again)

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  • Getting Flywheel On....Help Needed (Again)


    I am almost as tired of asking as you are all probably of answering....but I have run amuck yet again. How in the world do you get the flywheel back onto the engine? Granted, the centering dowel lines up with the big hole, got that no problem, back actually forcing the flywheel back onto that dowel has been a huge problem. I dont think I can hit it much harder with the rubber mallet, and the piece of wood across the face with the regular hammer isnt much better. I tried to tighten it on with the bolts, but thats a no-go as well. Anyone got any ideas here?

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    Be gentle with that hammer. The crank bearings are not designed for large amounts of force along that axis. You may have a burr or something holding everything from going on smoothly. Try a small amount of grease and a light file to clean up the edges. If the flywheel is off the crank originally, then you definately have an interface issue. If the flywheel is aftermarket, you may have a tolerance problem. You can try working a *slight* amount of material out of the flywheel hole with some steel wool or light sandpaper if there is only a small variation. If the hole is way off, then dont try to enlarge it. This will probably put the wheel off centerline which would be very bad.
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      Get some Emery cloth and sand the mating surfaces.
      You could also use a file to slightly bevel the leading edge of the flywheel centerbore so it will not snag . make sure you have no burrs of metal on the od of the crank nose and the id of the flywheel centerbore.
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